• Extension number query: the extension number can be checked by caller ID. And it can be
    also checked for version number, and system time.
    Intercom and transfer caller ID: this system is adopted for the latest caller ID control
    technology. Intercom caller ID is available, and external line caller ID can be received
    accurately compatible fo0r FSK/DTMF dual mode.
  • Fax detect(optional): when the system is in auto attendant duty mode, it can auto-detect
    whether the incoming call is a fax signal or not, and transfer the signal to the corresponding
    fax extension.
  • External music interface: user can freely choose whether use an external music source as on
    hold/transfer music.
  • Paging interface: by using this interface, the user can choose an external broadcasting
    system to search for people. Or in optional configuration, this interface can be also recorded
    OGM messages from a PC.
  • Flexible programming mode: this system can be programmed by either a programming
    extension or PC management software.
  • Operator function: operator has the authority to call hold, call pickup, call transfer, call
    forward, or boss/secretary. This system can be set to four operators. An operator can
    program the system, can make calls barge in, etc
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